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Master How to Play Blackjack and Win Money

If you’ve ever wondered how to play blackjack and win money like professional players do, you have to learn to play like one. That means studying the game and eliminating mistakes that cost you hands and money.

Yet, there really is no big secret to learning the game and perfecting your skills. That’s because blackjack is one of the simplest card games of chance ever devised. The house, which is the casino and represented by the dealer, uses the simplest set of rules devised.

Those rules generally requires the dealer to stand on any score totaling 17 or higher, and might require the dealer to stand on any hand totaling 16 points or higher. Some casinos also require dealers to take a card when situated with a soft 16 or a soft 17, which would include an ace off the initial deal.

Aside from that, the house requires the dealer to play by a very simple set of rules that are designed to maintain an about 3 percent advantage over average players. The house gest that advantage by making you decide play out your hand before the dealer goes.

Making you go first gives you the first chance to make errors and go bust. Many times, the dealer never has to make a decision. Just deal the cards and collect the wager from a losing bettor.

But, when you know how to play blackjack and win money like a professional, the house advantage all but disappears. Here is how you can do that.

Win Cash Playing Online Blackjack

The odds of winning online blackjack are no different than those you would encounter at a Las Vegas casino playing the same game. That means skilled players can use their home computers and laptops to play exciting cash games and win money.

To be like them, though, you have to practice your game and learn how to play blackjack and win money. That means learning to know exactly when to hit or stand, split your cards, double down, or even surrender.

You might even find yourself wanting to buy insurance to protect against the dealer possibly having a blackjack. But, you have to learn to read the dealer’s cards, and know the best play and likeliest outcome based on the cards you were dealt.

It all depends on playing a game that is based on statistics and probability. Over the years, professional card players have compiled blackjack charts that tell them the best plays and potential outcomes. That doesn’t mean they win every hand. Instead, it means they recognize the best times to make advanced plays to win the most money.

Some people might mistake that as counting cards. And they would be wrong.

Card-counting involves tracking the values of cards already played to predict likely outcomes. Players highly skilled at card-counting have won large sums of money in the past.

But, if a casino thinks you are card-counting, it will ban you from the game and possibly the casino for life. That is because they have the right to refuse service to anyone, including those they think are advantage players.

Practice Free Blackjack Games

You can hone your card-playing skills with free blackjack games at online casinos and other websites. Many online blackjack casinos let players practice with free games that do not require you to risk money.

You even can earn player reward points while playing free games and many online casinos.

When you practice your game and learn how to play like a pro, you will reduce the house advantage to nearly nothing. That does not make you an advantage player in the eyes of a casino. It just means you are smart, skilled, and can capitalize on your lucky streaks.

You might even learn when to buy blackjack insurance, although some professional players advise against doing that. The idea is to recognize the best opportunities to win the largest possible amount of money with double downs, splitting your cards, and forcing the dealer to make plays when a weak hand is indicated.

Turn Blackjack Bonuses into Free Cash

A lot of gambling websites offer online blackjack bonuses to players when you open an account or deposit more cash into you already opened. That means you get free blackjack plays that you can convert into real money.

A lot of bonuses are simple deposit multipliers, in which the casino at least doubles an amount you place into an account. Then you likely will have to wager a certain amount of winnings from your bonus plays, and you can cash out with free money.